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To the south of the village is the Westkerk mound. Of the approximately 12 terps that were located on Tholen, only this one remains. The mound, over 7m tall, was raised in three phases. The bottom layer, which reaches up to 1 m above sealevel, would have served as a flight mound for high water on the still un-diked-off salt marshes. The second phase of raising is linked to its use as a rampart. Charcoal residues have been found in this layer from around 1025. There would have been a simple wooden reinforcement (‘motte’) on the mound. On the third elevation, remnants of brick have been found that may have originated from a stone tower. Both the terp/rampart and the forecourt, with the Hooge Huys on the village side, were surrounded by moats. In the course of time, a settlement developed near to this fortification.

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