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Welkom in stad Tholen


Tholen-city was originated in the 13th century. The narrow streets reveal the Medieval origin. The historical core is surrounded by a star-shaped veste, typical for this city. Tholen is located next to the Schelde-Rijn channel and is the biggest place on the island of the same name.


The Tholen skyline is marked by the Big or Our Lady church, a cross basilica, built in Brabant/Gothic-style. Another striking building is the former city hall of Tholen (1).

Places of interest are the slim walkor mill De Hoop (2) on the city wall, mill De Verwachting (3), which is fully restored in 2009, and the idyllic Venkelstraatje (4). A historical building is the rebuilt guest house chapel (5). The Roman Catholic church (7) from early 20th century is located on the Markt. Here you can also see a traval where hooves of horses were shod by the blacksmith. In the Kerkstraat and Dalemsestraat (8) you will find a diversity of shops and specialty stores. The convenience store is on the Terreplein (9).

The harbour of Tholen is located in a bend of the former creek De Eendracht (11). While digging the Schelde-Rijn channel in the seventies, this bend is dammed at the northern side. The striking neighborhood Waterfront (12), with villas and apartments directly on the waterfront, has been completed in 2005. Nearby the old city core is the marina with a historical schipyard (13). The former oyster wells (14) are located next to the embankment, where in 2017 the flood defense and pedestrians bridge (15), have been realized.

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