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Welkom in Sint-Annaland


The village Sint-Annaland was originated in 1475. It’s a typical shaped village, with a main street from the harbour to the church, and a circle shaped street around the church. Besides that church, the nun house is another striking building in Sint-Annaland.


At the other side of the stairs you will find the modern marina (1). Nicely located along the Oosterschelde. Just like the little beach (2), which offers a pleasant stay on warm summer days. From here on, one can hike or cycle all the way to Stavenisse, outside of the embankment (3).

When you walk in the other direction, through the shopping area, you reach the core of the village. Nearby, in the Bierensstraat, is the old community home. Nowadays the residence of regional museum De Meestoof (4). A visit tot his museum gives an impression of life and work in the previous century. Impressive is the Norwegian flood house.

At the other side from the church circle, there is a playground (5). A paradise for children!

Sint-Annaland is known for its agricultural activities. Especially in the early patatoes season, there is a lot of activity at the local auctionhouse. Here, an auction of regional products (6) takes place, every Wednesday in the summer months.

Enjoy your visit to our beautiful village!

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