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Sint-Maartensdijk Rondom de haven


Shortly after Sint-Maartensdijk obtained city rights, wall and ramparts were built around it. Gates were built across the three access roads. The Westpoort was demolished after it collapsed in 1799. The foundations were excavated in the 1980s, and the contours were then incorporated into the street pattern.

Spui and Kleine Kaaij

In order to keep the harbour deep enough for the ships, the harbour had to be flushed with water regularly. A separate tidal sluice was installed for this purpose, which released its water into the harbour when the tide was going out, so that the sand flowed out with it. By 1807, this sluice was already silted up. In the mid-19th century there was a huge demand for new homes. Small houses for workers were therefore built into the old sluice at that time. However, these were of poor quality. Water drainage was also poor, due to the low location. When the Housing Act came into force, these homes were designated as poor quality, and soon afterwards were demolished.    

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