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Schakerloo Oudeland van Tholen


The earliest mention of a corn windmill in Schakerloo is from 1343. The mill burned down in the first years of the war against Spain, and also on St. Catherine’s Day (25 November) 1572. It was not rebuilt. The mill mound disappeared during the reallocation of land in the 1950s.


Schakerloo belonged to the diocese of Liège in the Middle Ages. The church stood in the middle of the churchyard, which still exists.

During the Eighty Years’ War, the church was burnt down by the Beggars. The stones of the building were used in 1590 for the brickwork of the northern turning wall in the moat of Tholen. The bells were also removed. These were used for the casting of a new carillon, which the Utrecht bellmaker Thomas Both made for the tower of the town hall in Tholen. The church tower adorned the hill until the beginning of the 18th century.

The cemetery was used for burying the dead until 2004. There are two gravestones from the 17th century.

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