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Oud-Vossemeer Het veer


The ferries were leased out by the lords of the manor for a few years. In 1628 it was explicitly stipulated that no Catholics were allowed to be carried. Another new rule was introduced in 1630: beggars or vagrants from Brabant were no longer allowed to cross by ferry.

In the French period, the ferries were expropriated by the empire. After the expulsion of the French, ownership of the ferries returned to the manor.  In 1817, the new ferry was leased out for 270 guilders. The old ferry only brought in 3 guilders. In 1883, that ferry (at Botshoofd) was leased out for the very last time.

Veerweg (‘Ferry Road’)

A wide range of agricultural activities took place along the road to the ferry, Veerweg.
At one point there were two madder stoves, and the weighbridge was also located there. And of course, a local café could also be found here.

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